BMS Integrator providing a platform for BMS Engineers, System Integrators, Building Automation experts across the world to leverage Engineering skills as seller to convert spare-hours into potential revenue simply 2 steps:

1). Create profile (with basic Information about you & your experience) as described below:

Create Profile:

  1. Sign-in (Never use email ID  in User Name/User ID)
  2. Click on your name at top right corner, choose my profile from drop-down list.
  3. In Description write about your experience.
  4. Select your country
  5. Select Language (Recommended Language “English”)
  6. Payment Information (payment information can be provided during payment withdrawal)
  7. That’s it for Profile creation. Its time to Post your service.

2).Click “Post mJob button”, fill information as described below. Your profile and post will appears to Buyers.

Post a Service Job:

  1. After Sign-in, Click Post a mJob button on the main screen (top right)
  2. Select the package ( as cited below) once package is selected following page appears.
  3. Write a job name: .i.e. ( BMS Graphics, BMS Design etc..)
  4. Price: quote the price for the service you offer.
  5. Extra services: You can add extra work with charges .ie.(Each HVAC Equipment graphic page)
  6. Opening message: Write a message for Buyers, ask them to provide information.
  7. Click Save Button:  The post will show “Pending”  will not publish unless administrator review and approve your post. 
  8. That’s it for the Job posting, Now your post appears on main screen in “LATEST BUILDING AUTOMATION SERVICE CUSTOM OFFERS.”

Profile Categories are defined in 3 packages:

  1. Standard Package: With this seller can register only one BMS skill in profile category and it’s free for unlimited period.
  2. Plus Package: Seller can register up to 5 BMS skills in a profile category for a duration of 30 days with the registration fee of 10$.
  3. Pro Package: Seller can register up to 20 BMS skills in a profile category for a duration of 30 days with the registration fee of 20$.

How does the packages work: When a Buyer search requirement for a specific Building Management System Engineering task, the search engine filters profiles registered with that particular skill, for instance if he/she registered as BMS Graphics developer in candidate profile skill category, this profile will only appears on Buyers screen when Buyer search for BMS Graphics developer.

If a seller register in multiple skills category such as BMS Project designer, BMS Logics developer, Remote support etc.. will increase profile appearance more frequent by way of multiple categories in search requirement appears to the Buyers.

Adding more skills into the profile category will drastically increase profile visibility to the Buyers for review/ shortlist to ask for quotation.

Seller shall receive net revenue of 80% of the transaction amount at the end of every successful job delivery and final acceptance by the Buyer.

Choose the best package that match your skill(s) to start converting spare-hours into revenue.

Note: please provide your BMS experience as much as details in profile description so as to understand your skills level by the Buyer. 

Additional Information:
  1. Location, Local Time and Language: These are Important Information that Seller has to fill it out.
  2. Upload you photo:  (Optional) We recommend to upload your photo in  Profile.
  3. Job Verification: (Optional) the minimum orders that sellers must finish on a BMS mJob to be able to submit the verification request.
  4. Note :When you receive Job Order or a message it appears on top screen, in case of job order
    • Click bell icon (when you see notification number on bell icon) order list appears.
    • Click the one appears in the list order page.
    • You can write message from order page or just press start button as acceptance and the time counter of the job to start.
    • In case you exceeds the predefined time to deliver the job, system shows delay then Buyer may cancel the order therefore try to complete the job with high quality in defined time-frame.
In case of “Custom Offer” seller will receive message accept the offer or decline, or seller can also send offer with job description, time of delivery and budget in response to buyers message. If buyer accepts your offer, he will proceed with checkout, job will be in “Pending” status until buyer settled order value. Once payment made clear, seller will receive a message check bell icon to accept offer and proceed with the works.
Note: Seller can create a single account with BMS experience detail profile, multiple accounts may leads to suspend his/her account(s) during transaction.